Red Hound Auto 10 RePair Link 1/4 Inch 6M 6mm 325 lbs Chain Fence


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10 Repair Link 1/4 Inch 6M 6mm 325 lbs Chain Fence. Heavy Duty Repair Link (1/4"). This premium heavy duty Repair Link (1/4") has been designed tough and made from the highest quality materials. Product is backed by a no-hassle One Year Guarantee against defects. Quantity Included: 10 Repair Links (1/4"). Included: 10 Repair Links (1/4"). Size/Dimensions: 1/4" (6.3 mm). Material: Zinc - Plated. Strength: Medium (325 lbs.). Durable, ready to handle tough environments. One Year Guarantee against workmanship and defects.

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